Macarons in a Box


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Rush Delivery

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Brownie Layer

Want to add a brownie layer to your cake, select one now: 6″, 8″ or 10″.

None 6”Brownie- Chocolate Madness +$15.00 8”Brownie- Chocolate Madness +$25.00 10”Brownie- Chocolate Madness +$35.00 6”Brownie- Caramel Nut +$15.00 8”Brownie- Caramel Nut +$25.00 10”Brownie- Caramel Nut +$35.00 6”Brownie- Mini Oreos +$15.00 8”Brownie- Mini Oreos +$25.00 10”Brownie- Mini Oreos +$35.00

Cake Enhancements



None Happy Birthday - Heart +$5.00 Happy Birthday - Circles +$5.00 Happy Birthday - Circle +$5.00 Happy Birthday - Squares +$5.00
None Macaroons (1 DOZEN) +$36.00

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